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    Brandon on the beach

    About Brandon, founder of NattyLife

    “My mission is to help people take control of their health and reach their fitness goals through the adoption of proven, effective, healthy practices & techniques designed to help us all look, feel & perform to our greatest potential.”

    Brandon at the poolI am a health and wellness expert with a lifelong passion for motivating and inspiring those around me. I take a somewhat unconventional approach to fitness and wellness, having begun my career in the fast-paced and oft stressful corporate world where balance and general health are increasingly rare. While I was always passionate about wellness, like so many of us I found myself stretched further and further trying to balance work, relationships, family, and personal health.

    I reached my personal breaking point in 2010 when both my physical and mental health had fallen heavily out of balance. My corporate life was going fantastic—I had been repeatedly promoted and was fast-tracked into more and more responsibility and roles. However, while my career was steadily expanding, I was beginning to notice the toll it was taking on my health. As my stress level grew, I was feeling worse inside, had gained weight, grown increasingly irritable, and was less and less myself. My stress culminated to a disastrous state where my body, in its weakened autoimmune condition, was breaking out in painful red rashes and sores across by body. My general health was unraveling.

    Knowing that a change had to occur, I began heavily researching holistic wellness practices to slowly yet steadily find the unique combinations of effective, sensible practices to steadily regain my health. Between numerous books, courses, and research I learned it was not just about typical exercising and ‘eating right’ to get one’s health back on track. My research led me down a rabbit hole of understanding regarding hormonal health, proper nutrition, strength & conditioning programming, stress management, and meditation. At the time, my excessive exercise was actually stalling my health and my hormones—I was chronically overt-trained. Who knew my personal prescription of power lifting and kickboxing 7 days a week couldn’t fix everything?! Through my re-education and research, I designed a specific combination of proper exercise, nutrition, gut health, natural supplementation, and stress-management tools. Committing to this new, more educated and balanced protocol, I took back my health and even reached new heights in personal wellness. My physical strength skyrocketed, I felt great, and looked better than ever. This was in my mid-thirties when it is assumed most men are on the decline hormonally (namely, testosterone & growth hormone secretion).

    Brandon strength training

    The Comeback

    Throughout this process of losing my health and fighting to gain it back, I noticed something else interesting—I was not alone. In fact, everywhere I looked I saw others like myself struggling with their health amid a fitness world fraught with misinformation, gimmicky products, and shady supplements. Worse, I saw a scary trend developing among men my age. Clinics all over town (& the nation) were opening up that specialize in “Testosterone Replacement Therapy”, or TRT. While I support those men who truly need medical intervention for professionally diagnosed low-testosterone for which natural methods cannot help, the “prescription” of TRT was dole out far too easily and without first exhausting the natural methods that exist. I was seeing lots of men being sold that “Low-T” was the problem and putting them on exogenous testosterone was the answer. Many of these so-called ‘male clinics’ were less about natural methods or true longevity but, rather, selling a short-term solution and often playing off the natural insecurities of men who were told their testosterone was lacking. What often goes unsaid is that TRT is almost always a life-long decision and one’s natural production sometimes never returns. This is especially true if on TRT for over a year or beyond your twenties. What is so unfortunate is that it does not need to be this way—through combining natural methods men can often double or even triple their testosterone safely and naturally.

    Having returned from the brink of stress and hormonal imbalance myself by utilizing safe, natural methods, I continued researching and writing….and writing…..and writing. I began organizing everything I had learned about endocrine health and practical, effective methods of maximizing testosterone naturally without resorting to exogenous injections or gels. It comes down to this for many men—would you rather have a fish (exogenous injections) or a fishing pole (self-knowledge and programming) to successfully maximize your testosterone yourself? Would you rather run to a clinic to preserve you male virility/hormones or manage yourself? Would you rather worry about the negative and scary side effects of TRT or steroids or enjoy the proven positive side effects of a program emphasizing hormonal balance of all hormones? The beauty of being natural is that it allows your body’s endocrine system to balance itself—testosterone, DHT, estrogen, cortisol, melatonin, insulin, all working together in concert. The importance of this symbiotic relationship cannot be overstated.

    Brandon learning at the gym

    The Beginning of NattyLife

    That writing, along with my over twenty years of training, was the beginning of NattyLife and the Testosterone-365 Program—resources for men to help themselves naturally increase testosterone to look and feel great. Today, I specialize in helping others find balance and take back their personal health and fitness. I know what it feels like to lose touch and, one day, awake to find yourself in an unhealthy place. Having fought hard to learn the methods to regain my mind, body and (yes) soul, I have since devoted myself to sharing these methods with others.

    My experience includes an array of health and fitness practices, ranging from bodybuilding to yoga, supplementation to meditation—I believe there are valuable aspects in each of these areas which I utilize with my clients and within my program, Testosterone-365.

    For example, here is a small sampling of topics I typically incorporate into my programs:

    • Natural Testosterone Optimization • Strength Training / Body Shaping
    • Calculating Caloric Output
    • Designed Macro-nutrients & Meal Planning
    • Recipes & Cooking for Hormone Health
    • Diet and Detoxification
    • Vitamins, Minerals & Supplementation
    • Intermittent Fasting

    Where to Now?

    An invaluable lesson that I have returned to over the years is best summarized by the famous Albert Einstein quote:

    “Only a life lived in the service of others is worth living.”

    It seemed to me that whether in my personal or professional life, I was always the happiest when I was able to help or contribute to someone else in a meaningful way. This was particularly true when I could help clients improve their health and reach their goals. While we’re on the subject of famous quotes, I also experienced firsthand the truth that “there is no wealth without health.” So, if I combine these philosophies, we get to where I am today—living to help others optimize their wellness and life a long, quality life.

    My overarching goals today are:

    1. Help men maximize their health & fitness, and to increase testosterone safely & naturally in order to look great, feel incredible, and perform to their greatest genetic potential.
    2. Lead the fight against shady supplements or clinics that prey on men’s insecurities when natural, effective options exist for many men with low or low/moderate testosterone.
    3. Introduce the NattyLife Testosterone-365 Program to 100,000 men across the world, helping them avoid the many small mistakes, both training and nutrition wise, that prevented me for many years from reaching my own goals.

    What Else?

    Other than health and fitness, one my other biggest passions is traveling. To date, I have traveled to 36 foreign countries and am always trying to sneak away to a new corner of the globe where I have yet to experience. I have always been fascinated by different cultures and exploring both the difference/similarities we all share. While my academic focus was primarily business & finance, I chose to minor in cultural anthropology so I could learn more about other peoples and cultures.

    Brandon's martial arts training

    I have been a huge martial arts nerd my entire life. I have trained off & on my entire life in various disciplines and now live in Las Vegas—the fight capital of the world. I grew up in Japanese karate, having started at the age of nine and continued until leaving for college. In college I dabbled in judo and kickboxing. I later fell in love with muay thai kickboxing and even traveled to Thailand to visit the famous Lumpinee Stadium and enjoy it firsthand. I still incorporate martial arts today into my fitness and cardio regimen.


    Well, that’s probably more than you really wanted to know! Oh year, I am also a huge movie nerd, an avid fiction novel reader, mediocre chess player, and love red wine (particularly with the family).

    Get in Touch!

    I love hearing from readers, followers, and fans so don’t be shy. I often spend hours a day responding to emails and helping clients, friends, and family with whatever health & hormone issue they’d like to discuss.

    First off, you can find me on all the major social media spots:

    I hope you enjoy NattyLife and find great benefit in its content and resources. Again, feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions and I will do my absolute best to help.